Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Our "happy" witch and her big sister.

Fall Festival

We had so much fun tonight at Mt. Zion's Fall Festival.
Emma got tons of candy and toys.
The games were fun as always.
We enjoyed the fireworks at the end too.

Past Halloween Costumes

I love looking back at pictures from the past. Here are the girls' Halloween costumes from the past four years. These are ones I could copy easily from my blog.
2011 - Anna Kate was a diva cowgirl, and Emma was a bride.
2010 - Anna Kate was a bumble bee, and Emma was a cow girl.
 2009 - Anna Kate was Alex Russo from Wizards of Waverly Place, and Emma was Hannah Montana.
2008 - Anna Kate was Sharpay from High School Musical, and Emma was Sleeping Beauty.

Pumpkin Painting

Emma painted this cute pumpkin picture at school recently.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Carving Our Pumpkin

We had fun carving our pumpkin tonight, and now we are ready for Halloween tomorrow!



Monday, October 22, 2012

Famous Mississippi Pumpkin

Emma was required by her third grade teacher to pick a famous Mississippian for a project. She had to decorate a pumpkin to look like this person and to write a short report. Emma chose Eudora Welty. Emma has heard me talk about working in Welty Hall at MUW for years, so she was excited to choose Miss Welty when I suggested it to her.

We made a little book for the pumpkin to hold that we tried to make it look like one of Miss Welty's most well-known books, The Optimist Daughter. 
Emma made the pumpkin a sign saying "I love MUW!"  because Miss Welty attended MUW and often spoke fondly of it.
Here's her hand written report. I just love Emma's hand writing. 
I think Emma's pumpkin project turned out great, and we had fun doing it together. 


Our church had a joint choir concert last night that was fabulous.
Emma sings in the Children's Choir.
She had a duet.
Anna Kate sings in the Youth Choir.
For the final song of the night, all the choirs sang together.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

The girls and I had a great time going to Caledonia in search of pumpkins.
We first made a quick stop at Cherokee Melons for this photo.
We spent the rest of our time at Country Pumpkins. New this year is the train ride with the cars made out of 55 gallon drums. Emma really loved this.

Another favorite of Emma's was the swing.

Another new activity this year is the corn maze. Anna Kate did this with a couple of friends.
Both of girls enjoyed the horse rides.

Then it was time to get busy on our search for pumpkins.
Country Pumpkins has some great places to take pictures.